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White Dental Fillings in Langhorne, PA

Many recent advances in Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry techniques and materials have created new ways to create more radiant, natural-looking smiles. Composite fillings (also referred to as “tooth-colored” or “white” fillings) represent a significant development in smile restoration. Available at Oxford Valley Dental Excellence office in Langhorne, PA, composite fillings are matched to the color of your teeth and are virtually invisible. The days of unsightly amalgam and silver fillings are in the past.

Advantages of White Fillings | Disadvantages of Amalgam Fillings

white fillings before and after

Are composite (tooth-colored) fillings as strong as amalgam fillings?

Composite fillings are extremely strong, durable restorations. Metal amalgam fillings have actually been shown to weaken tooth structure. In contrast, tooth-colored fillings bond more effectively to the tooth and do not require as much of the natural tooth to be removed.

What is Dental Amalgam?

Advantages of White Fillings

  • Looks natural to other teeth
  • White fillings do not contain mercury
  • Bond directly to the tooth
  • Less tooth structure is removed compared to amalgam fillings
  • Contains fluoride and stops further tooth decay
  • seals at the tooth and resin junction so juices and bacteria do not seep in and cause decay

What is Dental Amalgam?

Dental amalgam is the silver-colored material used to fill (restore) teeth that have cavities.

Amalgam is made up of 50 percent mercury, a type of metal. Amalgam also contains other metals including silver, tin, copper, and zinc.

Disadvantages of Amalgam Fillings

  • There is ongoing research and discussion about the health effects of mercury in amalgam fillings
  • Small amounts of mercury are released as vapor (gas) when amalgam fillings are placed or removed and through chewing. This mercury can be absorbed by the body and may buildup over time.
  • High Levels of mercury can cause toxic effects on the brain, nervous system, and kidneys.
  • Generally, people with amalgam fillings have higher levels of mercury in ther blood and urine than people without amalgam fillings. The mercury levels in people with amalgam fillings are not high enough to be considered toxic.
  • So far, well-done studies have shown that amalgam fillings do not impact behavior, information processing, and kidney function among children..
  • It is more difficult to study the long-term effects of dental amalgam (effects that appear later in life). Research in this area is stil being performed.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates the safety of medications and medical devices, has stated that "dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous system of developing children and fetuses." The FDA is currently reviewing data and will make a decision about how strongly to regulate the use of amalgam.

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